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Smart Home

The TR1ton smart eco-system is a plug-and-play solution that allows property owners to get a Smart Home and ensure safe energy, have an early warning system on appliances condition or even make the office environment more efficient.

Smart Home
Manage your electrical appliances, cooling, warming, water, and gas installations. TR1ton smart endpoints help you in detecting leaks, and critical errors and monitor the health of installations.

Safe money for expensive replacement of appliances and installations, detect maintenance early, and avoid replacing appliances. Cut the costs by 80%.

save costs and reduce downtime with TR1ton
save costs & reduce downtime
Energy Optimization

Photovoltaics should help us to produce our own energy, but over 80% of installations miss out on efficiency.

Did you know that utilizing the IoT technology can help you to detect when your photovoltaics are not optimized, maybe just dirty or covered by snow? Did you know that 80% of installations don’t produce an ROI?

increase efficiency & save costs
Smart Offices

Regulate your room temperature based on occupancy. Manage common area light dimming, and monitor air quality to increase productivity.

As a great benefit, you save the environment by lowering +30% of carbon emissions, and increase over +20% productivity of employees.

longer life with TR1ton
productivity & lower carbon emission

Smart Living

Smart Living applications can be used to quickly enable your home safety, comfort or healthy lifestyle. 

Safe Living
Living safer by utilizing advanced IoT technology for alarm systems, and reducing dependencies on wires by using wireless sensors.

Traditional alarm systems are outdated, and dependencies on wires and well-known technology do not keep thieves away. Smart sensors and wireless radio technology secure you 100% and reduce false alarms.

save costs and reduce downtime with TR1ton
security & reduce false alarms costs
Safe Gardens

Make your garden and pool a safe zone for your kids. Fence security with geo-location, and movement detection can issue real-time alarms and give your family & child safety.

According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. Make your garden to a safe oasis, protect your child and your loved once.

security & happiness
Better Living
Do you want to live healthier by increasing your air quality or avoiding mold?

A healthier life gives you a greater lifestyle, lesser stress, lesser sick leave days, and more possibilities of experiencing your life. Healthier people live 20% longer and safe over 50% on medical care costs.

longer life with TR1ton
save medical care costs

Smart City

With TR1ton you can achieve Smart City installations with advanced technology to get better results, higher yields, more performance, and a stable Smart City infrastructure for a lower TCO.

By connecting objects to the Internet, the IoT (Internet of Things) enables greater automation and control, as well as the ability to collect and analyze data in real-time, which can lead to more efficient use of resources and improved quality of life.

Safer Society

Use IoT to realize safer walkways to operate smartcontrolling lights which also get turned on when light conditions change.

This increases the overall experience of citizens, they feel safer and can enjoy recreation at any time of the day. Over 50% of citizens would not relocate if they feel in a safe environment.

increase population and save energy with TR1ton
increase population & save energy
Smart Government Building
Smart Government buildings with sustainable lighting, airflow, air quality, and energy consumption, IoT makes it possible.

Increase employee productivity by +20%, decrease the stress level of visitors, and make your place a happy place. Make a ‘Happiness Center’ an easy reality.

reduce costs and save energy with TR1ton
reduce costs & save energy

Smart Intersections
Smart Intersections make the best experience for citizens and visitors. Controlling the traffic light phases in a smart way is key for a smart city.

Reduce up to +20% of accidence, Co2 production of waiting cars. Cut the costs of this installation with TR1ton wireless smart sensor technology by 90%.

reduce costs in ROI and TCO with TR1ton
reduce costs in ROI & TCO
Smart Utilities
Smart Utility buildings let governments plan better budgets, and citizens experience a higher quality of service with IoT technology.

Reduce up to +30% of energy consumption by automated lighting, electricity usage for appliances, and access control. Protect the health of employees and visitors by utilizing early warning systems.

increase population and save energy with TR1ton
reduce costs & lower health risks
Smart Car Parking

Multistore car parking solutions are mandatory for any Smart City. However, they have their own safety risks with new technologies like electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles have always battery solutions that bear the risk of easily catching fire. With an early warning system and TR1ton smart wireless sensor’s real-time detection, potential hazards can be detected and the breakout of fire can be 100% avoided.

reduce costs & safety risks with TR1ton
reduce costs & safety risks

Smart Air Condition

Smart Air Conditions ensure the possibility of protecting your investment in your appliance, ensure a longer lifetime, and achieve high air quality at the point of usage. This applies to home, office, government and industry usage.

Reduce up to +80% costs of appliance replacement and ensure a longer life. Ensure maintenance when it is required. 

reduce costs in ROI and TCO with TR1ton
reduce costs in ROI & TCO



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