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TR1ton is your one-stop destination for all things smart city, smart home, smart mobility, and industry 4.0 solutions with IoT. Discover the latest innovations in smart wireless sensor technology, and real-time solutions that are shaping the future of urban living. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the endless possibilities of a connected and sustainable world.

New Reference: Live Sample

Uee Case Concrete Curing in Landshut, Germany

During the construction of the new building of the County Administration Office Landshut Germany, the construction company decided to monitor the surrounding conditions of the environment to avoid delays in the drying process or even prevent the concrete from vanishing. In many construction sites, winter time is a challenge in keeping deadlines and saving construction materials. Both harm costs.

Send Your Data

up-to 10km

Most Smart City sensor technology can send 300 meters or up to 1 km. With TR1ton Endpoints (sensors) we take it seriously to reach a line of sign (LoS) data transmission of 10 km+.


Data Quality

The Best Data.

Have you heard about LoraWAN? LoraWAN is using a free frequency band which (868 Mhz in Europe) is dedicated to smart solutions in smart cities. Over the years we have seen many vendors and solution providers struggling with the fact that these installations lose up to 80% of data transmitted over longer distances, 800 meters – 1 kilometer.

TR1ton smart city ecosystem utilizes the same frequency band (868 MHz), however does not have the same limitations. The TR1ton smart wireless sensor technology receives always 100% of all endpoint data and reaches a LoS up to 10 km. A TR1ton endpoint with the size of 40mm x 40mm x 10mm has 10 sensors built in and a battery lifetime in keepalive mode of up to 10 years.

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the collective network of connected devices and the technology that facilitates communication between devices and the cloud, as well as between the devices themselves. Our goal is to make this high-quality, reliable, cost-efficient, and cut the total cost of ownership.

Endless Opportunities

Use Cases

The world of TR1ton smart wireless sensor technology use cases is endless. You will find for example use cases in Smart Home related to security, cost saving, healthy living, environmental improvements, or early detection of hazards. Similar elements are reflected in Smart City use cases where all is related to citizen happiness and extending government services. Managing and controlling pollution, increasing citizen’s security, improving traffic flow, or servicing the elder generation are the main topics in smart City applications.

TR1ton Endpoint

TR1ton secured smart Endpoints are equipped with over 10 sensors 

  • QR code for activation
  • waterproof and heat-resistant case
  • many colors housing for different use cases
  • 10 Year battery life in keepalive mode
  • 40 x 40 mm x 10mm in size
  • 3 concrete penetration

TR1ton Data

TR1ton Solution allows integration into any asset management, facility management, alarm center, or CRM system.

  • MQTT broker allows transparent integration
  • a solid central database
  • flexible and dynamic dashboards
  • tresholds and alarm point maintenance 
  • smartphone app to activate and reprogram end-points

TR1ton Base Station

TR1ton Base Stations can connect with up to 100,000 end-points

  • waterproof and heat-resistant case
  • includes aerial antenna
  • power consumption 1-2w / 5V
  • can interconnect over a mesh network with other base stations
  • this enables a smart system to find the cheapest internet connection point
  • 128 VPN channels
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“Through strategic partnerships, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the MEA market, tap into existing distribution channels, and build brand awareness and credibility. Additionally, partnerships can help businesses to co-develop products and services that are tailored to the specific needs of local customers, share costs and risks, and leverage each other’s strengths and resources.”
Dr.Rashid Al Ameri

Advisor Smart City , Government Innovation

“Client Experience & Citizen Services go hand in hand with Smart City approaches. Only if you achieve easy implementation, cutting costs and make sure a quick ROI is possible a technology has it’s profound way to be implemented. I see great potentials to achieve superior solutions with a reliable, robust and budget sensitive technology, we are looking into a bright future.”
Yasser Alfarhan Al-Ghamdi

Advisor , Client Experience & Citizen Services




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Dieter Hovorka

Endless Opportunities are becoming a Reality. “Tr1ton smart wireless sensor technology enables us to deliver reliable, stable, and high-quality IoT solutions in Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Government, and Industry 4.0 areas. I am thrilled to see what the future is bringing us and look forward to new ventures. ”
– CCO, TR1ton Group