Use Case Energy Optimization

Use Case

Photovoltaic installations promise to give us a return on investment over a couple of years by producing our own electricity. 

However, the challenge is proof that the panels produce over time solid electricity. With TR1ton Smart Sensor Technology you can protect your investment in photovoltaic installations by measuring environmental conditions like sunshine days and air pollution to see if your electricity generation is properly working.

TR1ton Endpoint
Sensors: 6 build-in sensors, all-in-one
Transmission distance (LoS): 10km
Concrete penetration: 3 floor
Communication: 2 way, bi-directional
Frequency: 868 MHz
Messaging: Smart triggers, alarms, warnings, alerts
Size: 40mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
Battery Life: up to 10 years in keepalive mode
 Electricity Sensor:

Bases on the vendor specification the photovoltaic shall deliver a certain amount of electrcity. This is key to calculate the productivty and compare it to the vendor promises and see if the ROI can be meet. Also it could help to adjust positioning by mounting sensors on other locations and compare results.  

 Light Sensor:

Photovoltaic shall deliver electricity once a certain level of sunshine is given. A light sensor can collectively measure the environmental condition which can then be compared with the electricity delivery result of the installation. Is there a discrepancy WARNING signals can be send.

Temperature Sensors:

TR1ton endpoints come with a temperature sensor that can be programmed to deliver WARNING levels when certain values are reached, whether hotter or colder or even the ALARM levels.

Humidity Sensors:

Knowing the humidity can help to achieve better results of your installation. If humidty persits over a longer period of time a  WARNING level can help to take an action like cleaning panels in time.

Remote Monitoring:

TR1ton offers a remote monitoring solution that allows homeowners to capture the condition of their photovoltaic installation in real time. This facilitates the early identification of issues and the planning of preventive maintenance work before the installation loses productivity or breaks down and expensive replacements need to be made.

Data Collection and Analysis:

By collecting and analyzing data from the sensors, trends, and patterns in the operation of the photovoltaic installation can be identified. This enables proactive maintenance planning and the prevention of unexpected breakdowns.

Ensuring the proper operation of your photovoltaic installation can save you money in maintenance, ensure the proper lifetime, and ensure your return on investment is a goal that can be achieved.

With TR1ton smart sensor technology these goals are reality and not only a dream.