Use Case

To achieve a Smart Home we are looking for insides for maintenance and operation of appliances with TR1ton Smart Sensor Technology. 

The company TR1ton can assist in gaining insides in many ways to achieve a healthier living, protect your investment in home appliances, and increase your home safety. MONITORING, and receiving WARNING messages and/or ALARM messages can help us on a daily base to know more about our home. Smartly utilizing technolgy can help us to incease also our home safety.

TR1ton Endpoint
Sensors: 10 build-in sensors, all-in-one
Transmission distance (LoS): 10km
Concrete penetration: 3 floor
Communication: 2 way, bi-directional
Frequency: 868 MHz
Messaging: Smart triggers, alarms, warnings, alerts
Size: 40mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
Battery Life: up to 10 years in keepalive mode

All electric home appliances have one thing in common. When electric power consumption goes up, for example from the fridge or water heater the appliance is no longer working in normal mode anymore. This can enable the TR1ton ecosystem to dispatch WARNING signals if a change in electrical consumption is detected. Now preventive maintenance can be done.

Leak Detection Sensors:

By installing leak detection sensors, homeowners can be notified if water is detected. These sensors monitor the pressure and integrity of the system and notify maintenance teams of potential hazards. This can happen already in the early stages before rooms get flooded. 

Gas Detection Sensors:

One of the largest hazards in households is gas appliances like heating systems or cookers. A simple sensor that can detect gas already in its early stages can prevent large accidents in households and fire outbreaks. 

Temperature Sensors:

TR1ton endpoints come with a temperature sensor that can be programmed to deliver WARNING levels when certain values are reached, whether hotter or colder or even the ALARM levels.

Humidity Sensors:

Knowing the humidity in rooms can help to get a better living and healthy living standard. However, combining the room temperature and humidity can even bring more advancements that can be done to get a healthy room climate. Setting WARNING levels can help to take an action.


Remote Monitoring and Control:

TR1ton can offer a remote monitoring solution that allows homeowners to capture the condition of their appliances in real time. This facilitates the early identification of issues and the planning of preventive maintenance work before the appliances break down and expensive replacements need to be made.

Data Collection and Analysis:

By collecting and analyzing data from the sensors, trends, and patterns in the operation of the air conditioning systems can be identified. This enables proactive maintenance planning and the prevention of unexpected breakdowns.

Home Security

Microphone sensor:

The microphone built into the TR1ton endpoints is detecting a sound measured in dB. A scratch on a window or a breaking window will trigger the measurement of the microphone and initiate an ALARM once measured.

HALL Sensors / magnetic sensor:

TR1ton endpoints are equipped with a hall sensor. If a magnet is detected the sensor is in standby position. Once the magnet is not detected any longer an ALARM signal is fired. This is a very classic way to find out if a window or a door has been opened. Since this is the most common way to protect windows and doors a burglar would try to trick out an alarm system first by bringing a magnet with him. 

3G Axis G Sensor:

Now once the door or window is open the 3 Axis G sensor captures the movements. Since a value change of the 3 Axis G position is programmed in the endpoint to send an ALARM.

Brightness Sensor:

A simple sensor measuring the brightness of an area or room can help to increase safety. When the daylight walks away the sensor can control the lights to be dimmed or turned on. Compared to the old-fashioned way which controls this only by timers, this can also overcome the challenge of bad weather conditions changing light conditions.

Count the number of movements:

When the alarm system is not active the sensors can just count how many times a door or window is opened. The maintenance team can now receive a WARNING message if the typical door opening cycles have been reached where hinges or electronic door locks a required to be changed before they break. 

As you can see the combination of sensor signals is increasing the confidence about ALARM signals. If all three ALARMs are dispatched a serious incident could be ongoing. This lowers the number of false alarms and increases home security.

We can increase our living standards by receiving useful insides for our homes. TR1ton offers a wide range of possibilities to ensure you can enjoy your safe and comfortable living.