TR1ton secured smart Endpoints are equipped with over 10 sensors: 3 axes G sensor, 3 axes compass, magnetic sensor, sound sensor, temperature, humidity, light sensor, barometer, CO2, and more

Base Station

Even with just one base station, ranges of several kilometers can be achieved, which enables cost-efficient integration into existing IoT networks. The TR1ton eco-system is therefore an important component for future-oriented IoT applications. TR1ton Base Stations can connect with up to 100,000 endpoints and can interconnect over a mesh network with other base stations. This enables a smart way to find the cheapest internet connection point in the mesh network.


The TR1ton eco-system allows integration into any asset management, facility management, alarm center, or CRM system. The integration is made over MQTT broker which allows transparent integration and access to the TR1ton Global Database. Administrators and integrators can easily use the flexible and dynamic dashboards to see endpoint performance, sensor data and enable/disable endpoints. Over the dashboard, you can set thresholds and alarm points, and a smartphone app allows you to activate and reprogram endpoints.


Connect2Collect is the loyalty reward program which allows you to generate passive income by collecting data with the TR1ton Smart Sensor Technology. Connect2Collect is build on a modern blockchain technology.


TR1ton devices are all made conforming CE and high-quality standards. Customized equiped endpoints are key for the success of the client’s needs.

Base Station



The ECO-System Explained

The TR1ton Smart eco-system allows you to earn passive income every single day. Each data received from a TR1ton endpoint is a piece of information that is wanted by many organizations, governments, analysts, or data brokers.

Once received in the TR1ton Global database and prepared by a data analyst it is traded by a TR1ton Sales broker. Every month’s end, your account will shine receiving your reward token. 


This is an extract of the TR1ton components. To receive a full datasheet from our components please contact us

Base Station
TR1ton Endpoint
Standard housing: 100 mm x 64 mm x 35 mm
waterproof and shockproof
Optional hoising: ATEX explosion protected
Temperature resistence: -50 C and 150 C
Operating Temperature: < 45 C
Power Connection: connection via industrial plug with screw fastening or POE
LPWAN: frequency band 868 Mhz, bi-directional
Data security: data transmission with 256Bit RSA encrypted
Optional WLAN: 2.4 / 5 GHz – WLAN Connection
Ports: 4 x USB 2.0
OS: embedded Linux
CPU: 1
Antenna: axial antenna included


• RAM extension microSD 8 – 256 GB
• eSIM for 4G, 5G module
• GPS (for static or mobile solutions)
• mesh network module
• Antenna 5.8dBi Outdoor Fiberglass Aerial, yagi antenna or similar extends up to 36 to 50 km reach (antenna mast mandatory)
• ATEX special housing and IP65 – IP67, cooling included

TR1ton Endpoint

<td”>Battery Life: up to 10 years

Sensors: 10 build-in sensors, all-in-one
Transmission range
: 10km
QoS: 100% data transmitted
Transmission interval: predefined or customized
Concrete penetration: 3 floors (total 6)
Communication: bi-directional, 2 way
RGB LED: for operating levels or signaling purpose
Operating temperature: < 20C
Temperature resistance: -50 C and 150 C
Total weight:15 grams
LPWAN: Frequency 868 MHz, bi-directional
CPU: 2
RAM: 256kb
OS: embedded Linux
Data package: average 24 byte
Data transmission: with 256Bit RSA encrypted
OTA: update of sensor firmware and settings
Standard equipped sensors:
• Gyro Sensor 3 axis (motion detector, wake/sleep mode)
• Compass 3 axis
• Magnetic
• Light
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Barometer
• Micro (Glass crash)
• Temp. CPU
Feature: keepalive
OS: embedded Linux
Messaging: Smart triggers, alarms, warnings, alerts
Size: 40mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
Housing: waterproofed and shockproofed, explosion resistance
Battery: CL2032 (Optional ML2032 rechargeable)
Battery Lifestime: keepalive mode 10 years
• different colors for different use cases
• wireless charging
• piezo speaker
• Button (panic button)
• special sensors:
o CO2
o IR and IR motion detector
o radar
o air quality
o water quality
o smoke detector
o smell sensor (for gas detection or hazard goods)
o electricity consumption measurement
o and any physical value can be measured through sensors
• ATEX special housing for extended usage



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