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About Us

“Peter’s work at TR1ton has a major impact on the future of IoT. Its innovative wireless sensor solutions help to make the world a smarter and more efficient place.”

Who We Are

With the heart of radio and tv transmission technology, our founder Peter Eder started already back in 1980 to explore sending and receiving signals with minimal requirements in electricity and hardware.

This legacy was the foundation to later combine this knowledge into data transmission for IoT and Smart Cities applications. Peter Eder himself is since 2007 developing IoT solutions across Europe.

One fine day from the heart of Europe Austria, we established back in 2022 the company in the heart of the Middle East (Dubai) to serve 5 continents with Smart City eco-system components for Smart Homes, Smart Living, Smart City, and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Our expert team co-operates with partners in engineering, research and development, software development, and emerging technologies in Central Europe. Production facilities deliver in-time requirements on a regional basis.

“Over 7 Years we came from an idea to reality. thousands of hours of development and night shifts.”

The market analysis showed that none of the current infrastructure elements for Smart City applications was capable to fulfill the goal. Our concept for a complete Smart City eco-System was the result, that can provide each single element required in a installation.

The data collector (sensor), a gateway/antenna, optimized software to a collective global database, and a comprehensive dashboard with a mobile app. On top of this a mechanic to lower TCO, reach early ROI and generate passive income.

Our Mission

The mission is crystal clear that Smart Cities require more reliable infrastructure, with lower installation requirements, budget-sensitive costs, environment-friendly installations and scalable components to achieve modern and solid citizens use cases to provide better living and user-friendly services.
The vision of our founder Peter Eder brings it to the point.
“We want to provide components that have reduced infrastructure demands in bandwidth to transmit, receive and analyze information. To realize this for a sustainable future we developed the concept to generate passive income for all operators of our installations with the reward token TR1T. The crypto token shall enable us to offer our services across the globe with no limits on currencies or banking systems.”

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results

The TR1ton eco-system is producing 24x7x365 data which is purchased by data brokers, analytics institutions, scientific laboratories, industry experts, and industry vendors who can improve their future product development without investing in expensive research.

The community is benefiting from the sales of its contributed data, the profit gives the token stability in value over a long period of time. Data is the oil of the today’s economy.

“Peter is an experienced technology professional with a passion for IoT. He started his career as a test planner and programmer, where he developed his skills in software development and QA. He moved quickly into the IT industry, where he held various positions as an IT officer and IT manager. His career path brought him to his first venture as an entrepreneur in a hardware and software company, where he followed his passion for developing IoT solutions. Since 2017 his vision was developing the company TR1ton with his own invented new wireless sensor solutions.”
Peter Eder

President Founder & Inventor , TR1ton Group

“Alfred has been active in the banking, stock exchange, securities, and financial services business for over 25 years. As a classic consultant, but also as a coach, trainer, and lecturer for national and international companies and institutions. Since 2007 he is CFO for Nexxchange Services where he signs responsible for treasury, contract preparation, project management, HR, marketing, sales and software development, implementation, and maintenance of “high-performance direct access brokerage/trading software” for financial institutions/stock exchanges in the Middle East and South America.”
Dr.Alfred Fuhrmann

CFO , TR1ton Group Advisor Finance & Legal

“Dieter is an Innovative Entrepreneur with +25 years of industry experience working for multi-international organizations to develop whole enterprise IT strategies, business process optimization, engineering projects, and customer communication solutions with integration into digital and social media marketing initiatives. Currently, he is the founder and CxO in different organizations in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Also, he is part of different emerging Technology companies as a Business Advisor & Consultant.”
Dieter Hovorka

COO , TR1ton Group Advisor Smart City & Emerging Technologies




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PEter Eder

“For many years I had the vision to make data transmission possible with low energy requirements and in a stable mode. TR1ton has been developed with the knowledge of the past 10 years and is now public.

While other smart city installations need big hardware, a lot of data bandwidth, high density of installations, TR1ton’s ecosystem is consuming with low energy consumption, transmits data over long distances (over 10 km LoS), and requires a 5th of the hardware of today’s Smart City installations to achieve the best results.

I am totally excited with the team of experts and their visions and know-how.”